Warning – this is intended as an informative but also a bit of tongue in cheek fun.

These are a gathering of some of the most burning questions you ladies have asked me over my many years of waxing 😉

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  1. Your waxer has seen it all. Yep when you are spread-eagled up on that bed, your bits downstairs are different to other peoples and that is how they are meant to be. Yours aren’t funnier, smaller, larger or hairier, everyone is unique, and your waxer is too busy removing the jungle to compare anatomical differences between clients.
  2. Yep, everything is on show. You are getting a Brazilian, yes your legs are lifted out to the side, you have to roll on your side and lift up bum cheeks. Hey do you want all the hair gone or not?
  3. Dignity, what’s that? This is actually a false one; of course it remains in tact! This is a professional service and it is quick and efficient, in and out in 30 mins max, normally more like 15-20.
  4. What are you doing with those clippers or scissors?? I am going to trim your pubic hair. Say what? Yep if you are especially al a natural down below, trust me, you will welcome this! Untouched pubic hair grows in all different directions, once trimmed, it reduces hair going everywhere and hence reduces the ouch factor. Win – win for everyone. Don’t do this yourself – read why in the before and after care post.
  5. No, wooden spatulas are NEVER double dipped. EVER. If you ever get a wax and see them double dip, run for the hills, that is gross. I use both ends of the spatula by dipping, applying the wax and then turning the stick to the other end. Then once both ends have been used the stick is disposed of.
  6. The wax is warm and feels warm on your skin. I know that might be a ‘well yeah’ but if you haven’t had a Brazilian before, wax on your bits can be an odd feeling when you first experience it.
  7. Hair grows on the inside of your labia (aka lips) so guess what? Yep, I am going to put some wax there as well!
  8. Sometimes hair follicles bleed. You would too if you just got ripped out of your comfy home. It is completely normal, don’t stress.
  9. Ingrown hairs are pretty common, especially if you don’t look after your gorgeous new bald bits.
  10. There is some touching of your bits. Well hello, the wax has to get in and get removed and a good therapist will apply pressure to the areas straight after the wax has been removed, it helps reduce the pain.
  11. Swearing is fine. It’s ok I have heard it all before. But, I use some pretty awesome waxes and I am quick with an awesome technique, which help make it a super quick and relatively pain free experience, so profanities are minimized.
  12. Do you do my bum? Yes of course! Have you ever seen one of those hot carnival dancers shaking her hips with a trail of hair out the back of the G-string, ahh no. Of course you don’t have to get your backend done, but trust me once you get home and have a shower and feel the water running throw your, ah… shall we sum bum mullet? You are going to regret not defluffing that area!