Short answer, yes. This is one of the most over inflated marketing claims in the spray tanning industry. I take a deep breathe as I explain. Spray tanning solution sits on TOP of the skin – it does not penetrate the deeper layers, if it did, I wouldn’t do it because it would be an invasive treatment. With the solution sitting on top of the skin, it reacts with that top layer of skin cells. As you know (or if you didn’t, another quirky fact!) our skin is constantly naturally shedding the top layer of dead skin cells – yep where the tan is sitting and looking all bronzed and delicious and beautiful! So – unless you have a skin condition which means your skin naturally sheds its cells way past the standard 7-10 days, and if you do; congratulations because you will achieve the elusive 2-3 week tan!

But for the rest of us mear mortals getting the most out of our tan is dependent on preparation – exfoliation at least the night before (we recommend every night for 2-3 nights prior) and clean, chemical free skin, no perfumes, deodorants, moisturisers or oils. Why? because exfoliating helps the natural skin shedding process and removes those dead skin cells before applying tan. So the theory is, the tan is then applied to new fresh cells, at the beginning of the 7-10 day process. We use the same solutions and the same equipment, do the sums, they wouldn’t be spray tanning if they could get those results – a bar in the middle of the Greek Islands drinking cocktails would be more apt after selling that story and vanishing quick smart because those lies would unfold pretty quickly!

So if you haven’t read the middle bit and skipped to the end – 7 -10 days, unless you are stilling looking cat walk ready, start scrubbing, the mottled, patchy tan look is really not cool. Come on, start scrubbing, just book in for a new tan, with our loyalty program every one of your 5th tans is free! Oh and yes it is natural for ‘high activity’ zones; inside elbows, chest (I don’t know why this area!) and a few others particular to your own skin type will wear and fade quicker. And your face – yes it fades first, every day washing up to twice a day, moisturising, make-up application and removal- its a lot of activity for the skin. Purchase a home tanning or spray tan extender product (I love these, they are the best) to keep the face as bronzed as the rest of the body.