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Sugaring IS the New Waxing

First things first – forget everything you know about waxing: the pain, the in-growns, the hot wax, forget it all.

That’s not hard for most of us, waxing is never an enjoyable experience!

Sugaring is a different mindset and technique all together.


Body Sugaring is an innovative, gentle and safe form of hair removal. With the use of a sugar paste that never sets and is only slightly heated, hairs are extracted in their natural direction of growth, not […]

Organic Spray Tanning and Organic Solution – Clearing up the confusion

So what is organic tanning? Is there such a thing as an organic spray tan solution? And what on earth does Eco Certified DHA mean?

Ok, first let me put out the biggest fire of them all:

The main tanning ingredient DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) – is naturally derived HOWEVER the process that DHA must go through to be used in tanning solution, physically makes it IMPOSSIBLE to EVER gain organic certification. 

So DHA can not be organic, ECO Certified DHA is also not organic. Eco Certification is a standard.

From it states:

‘To ensure […]

12 things you need to know about a Brazilian Wax

Warning – this is intended as an informative but also a bit of tongue in cheek fun.

These are a gathering of some of the most burning questions you ladies have asked me over my many years of waxing 😉

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  1. Your waxer has seen it all. Yep when you are spread-eagled up on that bed, your bits downstairs are different to other peoples and that is how they are […]

How to get the perfect wedding spray tan

It IS possible to be bronzed and gorgeous on you wedding day and for it to be the most stress free part of preparation!


My brides ask me all the time what is the secret to a perfect wedding spray tan and the answers are surprisingly simple. There are 7 tips you must follow and they listed below. Follow these are you will be glowing all the way to the altar!


  1. Go to a reputable spray tan artist. It seems basic, but don’t turn up to […]

Express Spray Tans: The low down

There are two components when you are talking about express or rapid development spray tan solutions. These are the 1 hour or 2 hour solutions that allow you have a warm water rinse at 1-4 hours after the initial application.

The first element is how long before showering and the second element is how long it takes for the tan to reach its final colour – development time.

The first element is dependent on how dark you would like your tan to be. If the solution […]

A spray tan that lasts 2-3 weeks? Too good to be true?

Short answer, yes. This is one of the most over inflated marketing claims in the spray tanning industry. I take a deep breathe as I explain. Spray tanning solution sits on TOP of the skin – it does not penetrate the deeper layers, if it did, I wouldn’t do it because it would be an invasive treatment. With the solution sitting on top of the skin, it reacts with that top layer of skin cells. As you know (or if you didn’t, another quirky fact!) […]

Spray Tanning Solution – I don’t want to go orange!

Rest easy ladies, spray tanning solutions have come a long, long way. Each company boasts that their product is the best, but if you are regular spray tanner, you will know that while solution is really important, it is technican applying the spray tan solution that makes all the difference.

All of the leading spray tanning solutions which we stock are of an extremely high quality with small differences in colour, developing time, bronzer colour (the external instant ‘I have had a tan’ look) and […]