First things first – forget everything you know about waxing: the pain, the in-growns, the hot wax, forget it all.

That’s not hard for most of us, waxing is never an enjoyable experience!

Sugaring is a different mindset and technique all together.

Bowl of paste used during body sugaring in brisbane

Sugar is gentle, effective and all natural!


Body Sugaring is an innovative, gentle and safe form of hair removal. With the use of a sugar paste that never sets and is only slightly heated, hairs are extracted in their natural direction of growth, not against it. This eliminates breakages, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs as the paste is pushed into the follicle allowing it to wrap and bind to the full root system of the hair. This unclogs pores and leaves them completely empty and hair free resulting in reduced in-growns, reduced follicle infections and less irritation.


Whilst this happens, because the sugar paste isn’t a chemical filled resin adherent like wax – it doesn’t grip and damage live skin cells, sugar paste gently and naturally exfoliates your skin of dry and dead skin.


Benefits of Sugaring:


  • Hair removal discomfort is significantly reduced
  • Ingrown hairs from shaving/waxing can be removed
  • Penetrates to lift debris/dead skin cells and unclog pores
  • Hair is removed in its natural direction of growth
  • Hair follicles aren’t torn, reducing the chance of infections
  • Hair is not broken off from its root
  • 100% natural – You can eat it!
  • 100% free from artificial fragrances and colours
  • 100% bacteria free – Sugar is anti-bacterial
  • Skin is left ridiculously soft, the natural AHAs in sugar leaves you with silky smooth want to touch it all the time skin!
  • Once regular treatments are established, hair can be removed as short as 1.5mm. Getting them at this early stage when they are still attached to the blood supply weakens the root system resulting in sparser hair over time.
  • Will not burn or sensitise the skin
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Safe to use on Psoriasis/Eczema and Spider/Varicose Veins


Body sugaring brisbane therapist performing hair removal on client on bed

Body sugaring is safe and hygienic and is a body treatment as well as a hair removal method.

The pain from waxing is created for a few reasons:


  • Wax is an adherent, it grips and sets on live skin cells. When this is ripped off, live skin cells come with it. This hurts and can cause damage, pigmentation and scarring.
  • With waxing (strip and hot wax) the wax is removed against the hair growth. Taking hairs out against the natural way they grow creates unnecessary pain.
  • Wax is hot and can only be applied on an area two times max before it creates pain and feels like it is burning.


How do I get started with sugaring?

If you are switching to sugaring from waxing or shaving for your first session you need to allow your hair growth to be 5mm. Sugaring can remove hair as small as 1.5mm once you have established a uniform pattern of hair growth. When you shave (and with waxing because so much breakage occurs) you have very strong established root systems with hair that is growing at different rates. If you attempt to remove when it is too short at your first session you simply won’t get as many hairs out and the result won’t be as good as it can be. The hair is resistant to coming out of the root (because it hasn’t in such a complete manner before) and hair cycles are all over the place (meaning they are growing and coming through the surface of the skin at different rates).

If you haven’t shaved or waxed and are all natural, we suggest clippering prior to your first treatment so the hair is 5mm. Long hair with any form of hair removal creates unnecessary pain!

hair growth stages diagram representing anagen, catagen and telegen

Body sugaring allows hair to be removed in the anagen stage of growth when the bloody supply that is established in catagen hasn’t yet developed. This reduces pain and results in permanent hair reduction.

What do I have to do before my treatment?

Like with spray tanning, sugaring works best on exfoliated, well-hydrated skin (see the importance of exfoliation and hydration is applicable everywhere!). The less dead skin cells and the more hydrated the skin, the easier the sugar paste can penetrate the pores and results in less pain and a better result as the pore is lush and easily gives up the hair. Skin that isn’t exfoliated and that is not well hydrated has pores that have a layer of dead skin and pores that are tight because they are lacking hydration and moisture. When the pore is tight and dehydrated it creates more pain when it is removed.

Well sell an aftercare pack that contains everything you need to achieve beautiful results with your sugaring treatments, it actually makes our job easier if you use this kit so if you do purchase it, you get free access into our VIP sugaring club which gives you discounted rates only available to those who use the aftercare kit. Ultimately the after care kit will mean way less pain for you, so it is a great investment and will last you 2-6 months. There is a big range for usage because we find that everyone starts using their aftercare kit everywhere because it makes your skin so soft you practically want to bath in it!

You can pop into the salon to purchase prior to your treatment or you can purchase by phone and we can mail it out, but if you don’t have time, before your first session in the week or days leading up to your first sugaring: Exfoliate with gloves or a scrub, moisturize your body with a high quality quenching lotion and drink lots of water. Everyone forgets that internal hydration is just as important as external.


What happens at my treatment?

If you have done all the right prep above, at your appointment you will sit up on the bed and the sugaring begins! A ball of paste is put on the part to be sugared, pushed into the follicle in the opposite direction of hair growth to grip and remove everything from the follicle and then with a whisking motion the paste is flicked off with a spatula in the direction of hair growth, the process is repeated until you are hair free. Aftercare products are then applied and you are in awe of your silky smooth hair free skin. Rebook and see you soon!


How soon after my first treatment should I rebook?

Once established, it is recommended to get sugared when hair is approx 1.5mm so anywhere between 3-5 weeks depending on your own rate of growth.


Why is sugaring so good for people who normally shave?

Shavers normally shave for two reasons: 1) they don’t like the pain of waxing and 2) they don’t like having to grow their hair out each month. Sugaring eliminates both of these points and offers a gentle method that can reduce hair growth and be done when hair is only 1.5mm. Like with anyone converting from shaving or waxing – your first treatment the hair needs to be 5mm. This is because the root systems are so established when they haven’t been removed before and hair is at very different, non-uniformed stages of growth. Allowing it to get to 5mm will insure more hair is present and will align more hairs to the same growth cycle. When converting, we say you will need 2-5 sessions to align all the growth and have super smooth stubble free skin. What ever you do, don’t do a sneaky shave in between sessions! You will set the process back by creating another hair growth cycle!

diagram of difference in hair removal between wax and sugar paste

This shows the difference between waxing and sugaring. Wax sets and when it goes hard and is removed it often breaks the hair as there is no flexibility in the wax. Sugar paste is flexible and allows the hair to come out with the hair growth. Its ability to get into follicles also allows it to bind to hair follicles under the skin which is what allows such small hairs to be removed.

If you would like to experience sugaring, book in today! Call or txt 0488 826 633 or email