Our dedicated waxing service keeping brisbane waxed and tanned!

Our dedicated sugar waxing service keeping brisbane waxed and tanned!

Brazilian Wax – Only $45

Brazilian Sugaring – Only $65

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Using only the finest waxes from leading Australian brands Lycon and Caron, we ensure a quick and as pain free as possible waxing experience.

Nothing makes you feel better than being tanned and hair free by waxing hair removal.

It is best to have a waxing or hair removal treatment in Brisbane before getting a spray tan.It is best to get all waxing done 24 hours prior to tanning, however that isn’t always possible. A Brazilian wax or Brazilian Sugaring can be done at the same appointment if necessary and the skin waxed can be protected by a g-string or pair of underpants prior to tanning. The reason why sugar waxing is best done the day before is because skin can be sensitive immediately after waxing and spray tanning solution can potentially irritate the area. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin after your wax, tan will not always stick to skin that has just been freshly waxed as waxing takes off a layer of dead skin and makes it hard for the tan to grip and penetrate. Tan can also pool in legs after waxing if the pores don’t get a chance to calm and return to normal after the waxing treatment resulting in a spotty look when tan pools in the open pores.  If your Brazilian is done at the same appointment, we will do your Brazilian first and then your spray tan however you will have a tan line as we will not spray tan directly onto waxed skin i.e you can not go fully naked, you will have to wait 24 hours if you want to tan naked after waxing. While some salons will do this, it is risky and can potentially result in infection from tan in open pores and we highly recommend against it.

Pre and post oils and lotions are used to reduced the ouch factor and to calm and soothe the skin.

In and out and hair free in under 20 minutes, isn’t that what everyone wants??

We also offering body sugaring. The latest form of hair removal taking the world by storm. Sugaring is a different process altogether to waxing, it takes longer and is much more labour intensive, hence it attracting the higher price point.

Wax Pricing

All services are ladies only.

  • Brazilian Wax:                         $45
  • G-String Wax:                         $30
  • Bikini Wax:                              $20
  • Full Leg Wax:                          $45
  • Half Leg Wax:                         $25
  • Under Arm Wax:                    $15
  • Lip Wax:                                  $10
  • Arm Wax:                                $35
**Please Note** All leg, back and arm waxing is conducted using roller cartridge wax. We NEVER use the same cartridge on two people. At your first session, you are required to purchase a cartridge for $4 and that becomes yours – we will store it for you for your next session. One cartridge can last 2-4 sessions depending on size of body part being waxed. When that is empty we refill it for you.

Body Sugaring Pricing

  • Brazilian:

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