Eyelash Extensions like Spray Tanning have received some undue attention due to inexperienced operators.

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There are two important factors which set Skin Candy Eyelash extensions apart from others.

1.     We care about your lash health.

2.     We take our time and want your lashes to last as long as possible so your refill is only required at the 3-4 week mark (read more below on when do get refills) 


Wearing eyelash extensions shouldn’t mean when they are removed your own lashes are damaged. Our aim is to ensure through accurate and precision individual lash per lash application your own lashes remain healthy and full, so if you decide not to wear extensions any more, your own lashes are still luscious and healthy underneath.

We achieve natural lash health and growth while you are wearing your gorgeous extensions by ensuring:

  • Only one lash is applied to every healthy strong lash. No clusters, no overloading lashes with length and weight that is too heavy.
  • No excessive glue use. More does not mean longer lasting lashes, it means extra weight and stress and clumping which is not only bad for your own lashes, it also looks awful.
  • Lash education, we tell you how to care for your lashes.



Full Set Classic $110

Full Set Volume – using pre made non glued fans $130

 NOTE: All sets include eye make up removal and full face cleanse, tone and moisturise using La Clinica high potency botanical and organic practitioner only skin care products. Its like a mini facial and as you can’t get your eyes wet for 24hours after application we like to make sure you leave with beautiful skin as well as gorgeous lashes. 

Spa Express Facial add on: $10

Take your face cleanse to a deep cleanse with a 2nd facial cleanse and personalised exfoliating scrub tailored to your skin type. Your skin will thank you!

Classic 2 Week Infill $50

Classic 3 Week Infill $55 

Volume 3 week infill $65

Volume 4 week infill $85


But don’t volume lashes have more than one eyelash extension applied per lash?

This picture shows the difference in volume when it comes to eyelash extensions in Brisbane.Yes they do, volume, Russian volume or 2D,  3D, 4D or 5D volume lashes as they are commonly called involves applying a fan of lashes to each lash. However, true volume lashes are safe for your eyes as the individual weight of each lash is extremely light. For example in classic lashes, you may have 0.2 lashes on each lash. In volume, if the eyelash extension artist is using 0.05 lashes and making a 3D fan, the total weight is 0.05 x 3 which totals .15 actually less weight than one .2 applied per each lash.  They are ultra thin and create a full and strip lash full look. 

Which set should I get classic or volume?

Classic eyelash extensions if applied as a true full set (one lash per each healthy lash) give a lovely length, volume and look amazing. Especially with our care and attention to detail – the fullness and softness is sublime and we guarantee not like anything you have had before.  However after a while, if you have been getting classic eyelash extensions, you might feel like a change, and volume definitely provide that! After all you are only working with your natural lashes when doing classic extensions. If you have 100 lashes, the maximum amount of extensions you can have is 100 extensions.  With volume lashes if you have 100 lashes you can have 300-600 lashes applied per eye.

Volume lashes are a fuller, fluffier, cleaner look. They are very black and almost look like you are wearing strip lashes.  If you have sparse lashes or are feeling like classic are’t giving you that wow factor anymore, then you simply MUST try volume! Volume lashes eliminate any gaps and last longer, meaning more time between refills. BUT volume lashes aren’t for everyone, it is a very full and dramatic look, maybe not an everyday look that every one can or wants to wear! It can sometimes feel like you need to have a full face of  make up on to blend in volume lashes (i.e they are very full and out there!) Consult with your lash artist and talk about your concerns and what look you are trying to achieve to work out which lash style is best.

Russian Volume eye lash extensions attract a much higher price than a full set classic eyelash extensions because of the skill set and time required to apply. These are not clusters, your master lash artist creates each and every fan and then skillfully applies it to to one lash. Be prepared for a 3-4 hour stint on the bed, this is major lash artistry going on here! Be warned, the photos really don’t show how ‘full on’ volume lashes are, it is quite an adjustment when you look at yourself in the mirror after getting volume lashes! Please note, the demand for Russian Volume really isn’t as great as classic eyelash extensions – as such I am only now offering pre made (not pre glued) fans. It saves time and halves the price for you, the customer.


How often should I get my lashes refilled?

Lash refill time depends on a couple of factors:

  •  Your own natural lash growth cycle
  • And how you have cared for your lashes 

Just like the hair on our head, arms, legs and bikini areas, every body has a different growth cycle, lashes drop and rotate every 2-5 weeks, which means if you have a short lash cycle, you will probably need a refill every 2 weeks, if you have a long lash cycle, with proper care, your might be able to push to 3 or 4 weeks (4 week refills are highly unlikely with classic sets – due to the amount of lashes applied, volume are the only style that we advise refills at 4 weeks). 

Lashes past 4 weeks will require a full set.

image1Lash cycles also change with the season, like animals and humans we shed extra hair and your lashes do this to (although a lot less noticeable than a dog coming into summer!) This can also impact when you need your eyelash extensions refilled and you might find for a few months of the year you need to get them more frequently to keep up with the growth cycle.  

It goes without saying; if you don’t follow the care instructions provided at the time of your treatment, you will shorten the life of your lash extensions. Look after them properly and you will get the most out of them!  

Eyelash extensions do require after care and a change to your routine, they are not a low maintenance treatment. Once you get used to them you won’t have a problem, but you do have to follow the guidelines and there is an adjustment the first time you get them.  

How long do Eyelashes take?

Depending on your own natural lash volume, lash extensions take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours for a classic set and can take up to 3-4 hours for volume. 

Why does Eyelash Extensions take so long? 

A girlfriend had a set and they only took 20 mins, why was it so quick?

image2If your lashes take less than 40 minutes you have probably had what is known as ‘party lashes’ applied. Party lashes use the same eye lash extensions used in classic sets, but instead of individually isolating and applying one extension per natural lash, in a party lash set, they are ‘dropped on top of your eyelash line. These are called party lashes because they should not be worn for more than a few days – they are not good for your eyelashes as they are effectively gluing more than one lash together – if left long term it can result in infection if your natural lashes can’t fall out because they held in the follicle by other lashes preventing them from dropping. Party lashes should include removal and the technician should book you in for removal at the time of application to ensure you don’t wear them longer than a few days. The promotion of party lashes as ‘eyelash extensions’ is misleading, make sure to ask the technician if they individually isolate and do lash per lash extensions or if they drop them or do party lashes. Party lashes have their place for time poor customers, or those who aren’t sure if they want eyelash extensions beyond an event but they are not good for your eyes. If you want lashes for an event we recommend either getting a full set and keeping them natural or using a high quality strip lash so they can be removed at the end of the night.  

I have noticed some lashes fall out is this normal?

image3You will most definitely notice lashes (now with an extension) falling out after your treatment because your lashes drop and rotate constantly every couple of weeks. That lash that fell out, would have fallen out regardless of the extensions – the difference being, when we wear extensions, we notice them falling out more. When you don’t have extensions, how often have your noticed a lash that has come out? Hardly ever right? That’s because our own natural lashes are so fine and small we don’t notice them falling out!