It IS possible to be bronzed and gorgeous on you wedding day and for it to be the most stress free part of preparation!


My brides ask me all the time what is the secret to a perfect wedding spray tan and the answers are surprisingly simple. There are 7 tips you must follow and they listed below. Follow these are you will be glowing all the way to the altar!


  1. Go to a reputable spray tan artist. It seems basic, but don’t turn up to a salon where you have never been tanned and trust them with your wedding day! You test-drive a car, so test-drive your spray tanner!

    bride with fake tan walking arm in arm down aisle with her dad on wedding day

    Trial spray tan colours and try your dress on when tanned!

  2. Get a couple of trials a couple of months out from your wedding. Don’t leave it the week before, you want to trial solutions and colours a couple of months out – you don’t want to risk having to scrub your skin raw and still having left over tan when you are getting the big day spray. Test colours, think of your dress, your bridesmaids, time of day and season. Factor these things in. If you have your dress, even do a sneaky and hold it up or slip it on to see how it looks with a tan.
  3. Don’t go darker than you normally would. Yes it is true makeup and tan don’t show up as dramatic in photos as they do in real life, but if you go darker or heavier with your makeup and tan than you are used to wearing, you are going to feel really uncomfortable on the day when you have to talk and interact with all your friends and family. It comes back to the trial – if you want to go darker for your wedding, TRIAL IT and GET USED to wearing it like that. Remember, you don’t want surprises on your wedding day! You want to feel and look beautiful, not self-conscious because you have gone outside of your comfort zone on the tan and makeup!
  4. Start skin preparation 3-4 months out from the big day. You mean you want me to exfoliate that far out?? The normal exfoliating you do for a tan is really really important, but what I am talking about here with preparation is skin hydration and conditioning. Tan and makeup look best on well-hydrated, fresh, moisturized skin. So facials, scrubs, moisture regularly, drink lots and lots of water, eat healthy whole foods and exercise. If you skin is glowing, plump and healthy from the inside, tan and makeup are just the icing on the glowing bride cake. Remember – on the day of tanning, all the regular tan rules apply see them here.

    Two bridesmaids with flowers and brown skin in coral colour dresses

    Same solution, same colour, gorgeous results

  5. Get your bridesmaids to tan at the same salon. Different solutions have different colour profiles and different artists have different techniques. You have gone to all the trouble of having everything match and co
  6. Get a makeup trial when you are tanned. Once you are happy with the tanner and colour, get a makeup trial. If you are going 3-4 shades darker than your skin tone, what is the point of getting a trial done with no tan? The foundation used won’t be the same one it has to be darker! Get the makeup trial with the tan on to see the overall image. When you have a tan, you might decide that your ideal eye make up is too dark or needs to change colour or be darker. Trial, trial and trial to avoid any surprises!
  7. And most important of all – HAVE FUN! This is your day and you are marrying the love of your life! Enjoy the day and take it all in, a happy, smiling bride is the prettiest of all. x