Rest easy ladies, spray tanning solutions have come a long, long way. Each company boasts that their product is the best, but if you are regular spray tanner, you will know that while solution is really important, it is technican applying the spray tan solution that makes all the difference.

All of the leading spray tanning solutions which we stock are of an extremely high quality with small differences in colour, developing time, bronzer colour (the external instant ‘I have had a tan’ look) and end colour (e.g more of a bronze vs chocolate look) but even end result is dependent on skin type and no two people will result in the same colour after a shower – PH levels of the skin, genetics, natural rates of exfoliation even time of month all play a part!

Seriously the only way you will go orange is if you have a super dark DHA level applied, the DHA is low quality and/pr the coat was too heavy and left on way past the recommended development time. Hello Ompa lompa, only recommended for Wizard Of Oz stage show additions. It is about finding a spray tanning solution that compliments your skin tone, type and event. One DHA 12% on your skin could make you look like a Greek Goddess and another 12% like the chick out of Something About Mary – and your friend could be standing next you deeply tanned and wearing the same solution. That is why we talk and consult with you – at the end of day it is your decision how dark or light, we just make sure you are educated 🙂