Why we are Brisbane’s most advanced and professional Spray Tan Artists

We are career professionals

Unlike a beauty, hair salon or even some spray tanning salons, spray tanning isn’t an additional service that we offer and only do a few times a day. It is our main specialisation and service and we do it day in and day out. We have done thousands of spray tans. We strive to provide the ultimate, most luxurious, flawless and natural tan imaginable. Perfection is the only standard we accept and we guarantee all of our work. Our passion and experience is unparalleled, we love what we do. Making woman feel and look amazing is the ultimate privilege.

We treat spray tanning like makeup

Would you go to a beauty salon or hair dresser to get your make up done for a special event or wedding? Likely answer is ‘no’ you would go to a make up artist. We treat spray tanning like a make up application – and give it the time and respect it deserves. It needs to be matched to your skin type and event and then carefully blended to achieve a flawless look. Spray tanning is more than getting a gun and slapping solution on the skin. And unlike makeup it lasts a lot longer – you can’t wash it off. Don’t risk getting an inferior tan – book us, professional spray tanning artists, to ensure perfect results.

We are constantly furthering our education

We travel around the world attending training courses and expos, learning the latest and most advanced techniques and bringing these techniques, solutions and equipment back to Australia. We are honoured to be in an industry and associate with other career professional spray tan artists.

We are a trusted name in the industry

We conduct private training to some of Australia’s most exclusive day spas and salons. We fly around the country to spray tan models for runway shows, magazine shoots and tv appearances. When professional, reliable, flawless results are needed, we get the call.

We offer a large range of spray tan solutions and pre and post care products to maintain a flawless glow.

As it is our core business, we offer many brands of solution and even some from around the world that you won’t find in any other spray tan salon, beauty salon or hair salon in Australia. Want to be tanned using the product celebrities trust for a perfect red carpet ready spray tan? We will let you in on their secret and tan you to perfection using a custom blend from the range.

Using pre and post care products really are the best option for maintaining the most perfect spray tan and also treating your skin to an indulgent complex mix of vitamins and minerals. We don’t push our products on to you, if you want to know about them we will happily answer your questions, the decision to purchase is completely yours. You can purchase your must have tanning products from our online shop if you run out in between spray tan applications. All items in our shop come with complimentary free shipping. Browse the range and special offers here.

We love what we do!

Not many people can genuinely say they love their jobs, but we do! We get to to boost women’s confidence by making them feel and look amazing. Being able to do that for clients is an incredible experience and one that keeps us jumping out of bed every morning ready to spray tan the world!